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Public classChromosome
Simulates a single autosomal chromosome from a father or mother. Two copies of this object represent a homologous chromosome pair. Each chromosome contains multiple genes. In humans, 23 chromosomes contain between 379 and 4,220 genes. Different forms of the same gene are called alleles, e.g. one allele may code for hair color while another allele may code for eye color. Fruit flies have only 4 chromosomes.
Public classChromosomePair
Contains a pair of homologus chromosomes.
Public classGene
Simulates a discrete sequence of DNA nucleotides. A gene is a string of nucleobases including cytosine, guanine, adenine and thymine (C, G, A, T). This simulated gene uses a double, which is "(max - min) / step size" variations e.g. (1000 - -1000) / 0.025 = 80k variations. Humans have between 50k-100k base pairs (variations) per gene.
Public classGenealogy
Allows genomes to record family names, birth dates and death dates.
Public classGeneticAlgorithm
The genetic algorithm that contains Genomes, Chromosomes and Genes. This class evolves (breeds and mutates) genomes based on fitness.
Public classGenome
A diploid genome, containing two complete haploid sets of n chromosomes.
Public classInbreedingGenomeException
This exception is thrown whenever a genome is inbred with another closely related genome. This is usually caused when an insufficient number of genomes are added to the population in the beginning.
Public classInvalidDateException
Class InvalidDateException
Public classMismatchedGenomeException
This exception is thrown when a genome's chromosomes and/or genes do not match with other genomes in the population.
Public classNonHomologousChromosomesException
This exception is thrown when a chromosome in a genome does not match with the pattern of other chromosomes in the genome.

Public delegateGeneticAlgorithm Birth
Fires when a new genome is created.
Public delegateGeneticAlgorithm Death
Fires when a genome is removed from the population.
Public delegateGeneticAlgorithm GenomeSelectionFailed
Fires when a genome could not be selected in the Evolve method. This occurs when the initial population is too small or the InbreedingDistance property is set too high in relation to the population size.
Public delegateGeneticAlgorithm GenomeUpdated
Fires when a genome has been updated, either through creation or mutation.

Public enumerationGender
Gender (male or female)