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My Exchange - Stock Exchange Source Code


MyExchange™ is our new high performance ECN exchange server that comes with complete C# source code, which allows anyone to create their own equities, forex, futures, bonds, sports betting,
or even a fantasy stock trading game.

While the source code can be used to create an actual trading exchange, it can also be used to create an ECN, which is a system that facilitates trading outside of an actual exchange.

How do ECNs and exchanges differ? Exchanges can list securities, but both exchanges and ECNs can orchestrate transactions, collect transaction fees, and produce and sell market data. Exchanges govern themselves with their own regulatory arms. ECNs on the other hand, are regulated both by the SEC and by a national securities association (to which any registered broker-dealer is required to belong).

High Performance and MVP Design Pattern

MyExchange™ consists of a very robust set of C# applications that are based on the Model View Presenter design pattern. The server has been tested with a simulated load of 10,000 simultaneous clients.

Highly Customizable - Complete Source Code

MyExchange™ is a collection of C# applications that are ready to be customized and implemented into your project. You can customize the trading logic, risk engine or the order matching logic. MyExchange™ is extensible and versatile, designed to help save you time and possibly reduce your time to market.

The exchange you had envisioned can become a reality with MyExchange™ as your starting point!

If you've attempted to develop your own ECN / exchange from scratch, you've probably experienced pain and difficulties. MyExchange™ can help you avoid the difficulties of developing an exchange and possibly speed your time to market. MyExchange is also great for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Extremely Secure - Stanford Remote Password Protocol

MyExchange™ logins are secured by the Stanford Remote Password protocol (SRP), which performs secure remote authentication of short human-memorizable passwords and resists both passive and active network attacks. SRP is used under license in MyExchange™. You can read more about SRP at http://srp.stanford.edu/

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System Requirements
CPU Intel Pentium IV 1.5GHz or equivalent
Memory  8 GB DDR2 RAM or higher
Storage Depends on data volume - ask for details



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