Technical Analysis Indicators

M4 Android features over 80 popular technical indicators which can be customized with user-defined parameters. Our technical indicators have been validated by their authors whenever possible, so you can be sure the calculations are correct. That's why our technical indicator library has won numerous awards by Futures and Stocks & Commodities magazines. View a complete list of indicators here.


  • Functional login.
  • Real-time data and order entry (for both live accounts and demo accounts).
  • Trading interface with auto-trading capabilities.
  • End user scripting via TradeScript for back testing, alerts, and scanning.
  • All colors, fonts, fields, images, and screen layouts are customizable.
  • Real-time forex pairs quote display.
  • High performance SuperWebSocket C# data server.
  • Real-time charting via StockChartX Android Java Edition.
  • Over eighty technical indicators from our award-winning TA-SDK technical indicator library.
  • Multiple charts can be displayed on one screen (using StockChartX HTML5).
  • Customizable orders screen template.
  • Push-notification script-driven market alerts.
  • Back testing and walk forward testing feature.
  • User profile editor screen template.
  • UI coding examples in Java.
  • Customizable page elements.
  • Live messaging and timelines templates.
  • Can be integrated with FIX protocol.
  • Can connect to any broker API or data feed API.
  • Full theme support built-in.
  • Plus much more!

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Developer Support

We provide developer setup and training via desktop sharing, so you can run the M4 Android platform immediately after your license is purchased. Technical support and source code updates are provided for one year and may be renewed. Contact us to get started today.