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Trading Platform Source Code Package

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If you're considering buy vs build, this option will save thousands of dollars and several months of development.
We guarantee that you cannot build or buy a comparable platform at a lower price!

Nearly two million lines of trading software
source code and extensive developer support

New: M4 WPF Edition Now Available!

M4 Trading Platform (www.m4demo.com)
Our M4 platform is an end-to-end, multi-asset solution for brokerages, software firms and professional traders.
Features include a forex pairs screen, orders/portfolio screen, admin utility, all popular technical indicators and charting styles (point & figure, renko, kagi, TLB, equivolume, Heikin Ashi, etc.), expert advisors, high frequency scripting for automated trading, chart pattern recognition, artificial intelligence (neural networks, genetic algorithms), real time news feeds, social media connectivity and much more.

M4 is a turnkey trading platform that is perfect for any brokerage, trader education business, prop shop or software company!

What's Included When You Buy a License
You get everything listed in either Package #1 or #2 below, along with free developer support and source code updates, plus 8 hours of one-on-one setup of the Desktop version of M4 and training via Remote Desktop. We can also provide end-user technical support services (for your end users) starting at just $3 per hour for an English speaking, neutral accent support staff. Contact us for details.

All of our products are intended for use by accomplished, professional software developers. Our products require at least some programming effort, debugging and testing within your own application before being used in a production environment. If you do not have software developers available to make customizations to the software, you may use our services at just $30 USD per hour. Note that the full Enterprise package Includes nearly two million lines of source code.

Your License Never Expires
All product licenses are royalty-free and never expire. Pay once, use forever. Pay no fees for distributing your app.

Save Time and Money
To help understand the value of our source code offering, please refer to the following:


This is commercially licensed and supported source code. Consider that in the US, each line of code costs around $4 to develop and in emerging economies (even at $8/hr), code costs around $0.50 per line. Multiply that figure by the number of lines of code above and the value of the full package exceeds over a million dollars, not to mention the extensive developer support and training that is provided.

All products work with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Supported versions of .NET include 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 (VS 2010) and 4.5 (VS 2012)

The following packages will allow you to distribute a customized trading platform to an unlimited number of end users / traders at no charge - you pay NO royalties!

The following packages can save you hundreds or even thousands of hours in development time.

* FREE upgrades for M4 Source Code
* FREE 8 hours M4 Desktop setup and training via Remote Desktop

Package #1: Partial Source Code

M4 Trading Platform with partial source (includes admin) - your choice of WinForm or WPF Edition
StockChartX V 5 ActiveX Enterprise Chart Component - Platform Edition Binary
TradeScript Binary
Advanced Pattern Recognition Binary
Neural Trader Engine Source Code
Options Express Source Code
StockTicker Source Code
Evo2 Genetic Algorithm Binary - C# Examples

This package is a complete working platform as shown at www.m4demo.com with full source code for the C# front-end but with binary libraries for charting, scripting, etc. This is a great starter package and when you need to upgrade to the full source code version (below), you can do so within the first year by paying the difference in price. This package is best for individual traders, researchers and hobbyists.

* Includes 3 months / 25 tickets of technical support and product updates

Package #2: FULL Source Code

M4 Trading Platform with full source (includes admin, data server* and OMS*) - your choice of WinForm or WPF Edition
StockChartX V 5 ActiveX Enterprise Chart Component - Platform Edition Source Code
TA-SDK iOS (iPhone/iPad), Microsoft Visual C++, Java, VB and .net Edition (all versions) with Source Code
Neural Trader Engine Source Code
Options Express Source Code
StockTicker Source Code
RMD Server Source Code with 10 user license (support sold separately)
FlashStockCharts AS Source Code (unsupported)
StockChart CE Source Code (unsupported)
TradeScript Source Code
Advanced Pattern Recognition Library Source Code
StockChart Silverlight + WPF Edition Source Code**
Evo2 Genetic Algorithm Full C# Source and Examples
MyExchange ECN Order Matching / Risk Engine C# Source Code*

NEW: White Label Social Media Site

Includes over one million lines of extra source code for two previously open source platforms (OpenForexPlatform and OpenStocksPlatform) which are now owned by Modulus, meaning you can now use these under a commercial license with Package #2.

* Includes 6 months / 50 tickets of high-priority technical support and product updates

This has been our most popular package for several years. There's nothing you can't do with this package. Includes everything except StockChartX HTML5 (which can be purchased separately at www.modulusfe.com/stockchartx_html5).

This package is perfect for futures, forex, or equities brokerages and also great for startups such as bitcoin (crypto-currency) exchanges, sports betting exchanges, and other applications. This package is also popular with trading education businesses.

Software Customization
You can customize the software in-house or you can hire our developers at an affordable hourly rate.
To receive a free estimate please download the following PDF form, complete it, then send it to sales@modulusfe.com

  Download Software Customization Request Form

Includes nearly two million lines of source code!

Virtualization and Cloud Computing Solutions
Cloud computing assets include TradeScript.NET, TA-SDK, APR, Evo2, C# Backtester and MyExchange.

New and updated products and features:
New VaR program for resellers
Works with Windows 8
New Triple DES and Twofish security implementations
New RSS news server
Program trading strategies in TradeScript or directly in .NET
TradeScript SL (Silverlight web based scripting engine)
MyExchange ECN Engine*
M4 Silverlight (web based platform)**

Optional Add-on: Modulus HTML5 Bootstrap Financial Website Template

Optional Add-on: Modulus SignalR / C# Data Server for web and mobile apps

Optional Add-on: New MetaTrader MQL-to-C# Convertor (unsupported beta)

Optional Add-on: Modulus Brokerage CRM Solution (monthly subscription per broker/sales rep)

Note: This package is eligible for the VaR reseller program!

All prices are quoted in US dollars and do not reflect one-time license fees for the required Nevron UI component ($369 for M4 Desktop) or the optional Telerik Silverlight component (for M4 SL). *Includes 10 user license. **SL Requires Telerik UI.

Additional Developer Support (six months / 50 tickets of free support already included).

Package #3: FULL Source Code, Developed to Your Specs!

Turnkey, Stress Free, Worry Free, Guaranteed!

For the first time ever, we're offering a 100% complete, turnkey solution. This offering is the same as Package #2 above except that we also provide a ready-to-use, deployable product that will be customized and professionally developed for your company based on your specifications!

There is literally no feature that we cannot develop. If you can imagine it, we can develop it!

Simply pay a low one-time flat rate fee (determined after we discuss your project). We will develop your solution, write documentation, provide training, support and deploy your application on your server for one low fee.

This package includes project management, documentation writing, graphics editing, software engineering, server hardware design and deployment - everything! We will provide a customizable solution with full source code!

This is hands down the best turnkey solution on the market, guaranteed. If you've considered options such as MetaTrader, ProTrader, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, TradeLink or MarketCetera (all of which have severe limitations, bugs, outrageous costs or dangerous open source licensing, unacceptable license terms and restrictions) or even if you've considered building in-house, we guarantee Package #3 will be the best solution for quality, maintainability, licensing, costs and time to market.

Don't worry about software development or technical issues - we will handle everything for you!

Package #3 may include desktop, cross platform or HTML5 web based trading solutions, depending on your needs.

This package is intended for companies that do not have a development team, or have a technical team that is already stretched to the limit, and for professional traders or developers who do not have time to customize the source code and instead need a complete, ready to use turnkey broker or trading solution WITH full source code, licensed commercially.

This is exclusively a Modulus offering that you will not find anywhere else. Modulus has been developing trading software since 1997 for clients including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, GAIN Capital, FX Solutions, eTrade, TD Ameritrade and thousands of other brokerages, professional traders, trading firms and educational, governmental and non-profit institutions in over 94 countries. Read more about Modulus here or read and listen to our customer reviews here.

To receive a free estimate please download the following PDF form, complete it, then send it to sales@modulusfe.com
  Download Software Customization Request Form

Contact us at (888) 318-3754 or email us at sales@modulusfe.com for a free quote with no sales pressure or obligation.

View the M4 trading platform demo at www.m4demo.com

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Optional Add-On

Windows 8 Metro Style Trading App with C# Source

Although the standard version of M4 is optimized to run on Windows 8 and Windows 7, our Metro style trading application for Windows 8 features advanced charting, back testing, scanning, social media elements, symbol management, watch list management and more.

Developed using C# 4.5 and built upon our StockChart SL Silverlight financial charting engine, this app will propel you through your Windows 8 Metro development with very little effort.

Details: http://www.modulusfe.com/win8/


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