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StockChart SL Financial Charting Library for Microsoft Silverlight

Our dynamic financial charting solution developed with Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 allows you to build multi-platform, browser- based financial applications using .NET

StockChart SL (Silverlight Edition) is a professional financial charting library for Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 and 5.0

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-platform web browser plug-in that is technologically similar to Adobe Flash.

This technology enables developers to leverage existing .NET experience to create dynamic end-user applications that target web browsers on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Apple and Linux.

Developers can use existing VB.NET or C# code with StockChart SL to quickly build powerful and flexible online trading platforms.

Microsoft Silverlight supports a fast growing community of developers. Developers can post and receive answers to many Silverlight related topics on the Microsoft Sivlerlight Developer Forums.

Silverlight Dynamic Financial Charting
StockChart SL supports real-time charting for stocks, futures, options and forex. Updates can be made to the chart in real-time while the market is trading.
Users may add technical indicators, line studies or change color properties via the built-in functions and properties that are exposed by the C# API.

Note that Silverlight version 4.0 and up supports right mouse click and RIA. 5.0 is also fully supported.

Also check out our new iOS financial charting library for iPad and iPhone and our new HTML5 version.

StockChart SL features over 80 popular technical indicators that may be customized by the end user, complete navigational control (zooming and scrolling), extended line styles and color properties, user-drawn line studies and much more. StockChart SL is a direct port of our popular StockChartX VC++ charting library.

Update: Twenty New Technical Indicators Added!

StockChart SL Silverlight Financial Charting Engine

StockChart SL Silverlight Financial Charting Engine

StockChart SL Silverlight Financial Chart Component
StockChart SL features the same properties, methods and events of StockChartX


Product Includes
1. StockChart SL with or without C# source code for charting and technical indicators.
2. Example projects with documentation.
3. Free technical support via email to help you get your web application running.


Forex pairs grid for Microsoft Silverlight
Free bonus: Get our Silverlight Forex screen when you buy StockChart SL! 

M4 Silverlight Edition for browser-based trading platforms

Requirements and License Terms
StockChart SL is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers listed on the Microsoft Silverlight page.

If you need to modify the source code, your development team must make the modifications in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio or you may request our consulting group to make modifications for you at a very reasonable hourly rate.

Customization Services
Our team of highly skilled, professional financial software consultants can program any type of modification based on your individual needs at a very affordable rate. Contact us at sales@modulusfe.com for details.

Contact us at (888) 318-3754 or email us at sales@modulusfe.com for pricing, terms and conditions.

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