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StockChartX HTML5 is the best financial JavaScript charting library for your website.

Developed in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, StockChartX HTML5 lets developers chart real-time financial data, embed objects like buy, sell, exit or custom image objects, embed social media links, add trend lines and other line studies, insert technical indicators and much more.

Unlike traditional charts that require a browser plugin (like Silverlight or Flash) to run on the web, StockChartX HTML5 works in any browser without using plugins. It works in Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, and Chrome.

No other JavaScript Chart Library comes anywhere close to the power of StockChartX HTML5.

What makes StockChartX HTML5 better than all the other HTML5 charting engines out there?
Our award winning TA-SDK technical indicator library, for starters! For over a decade TA-SDK has been the number one, most complete and accurate commercial technical analysis SDK available.
Technical Analysis based on our Award Winning
TA-SDK Technical Analysis Library

The StockChartX HTML5 technical analysis package is based on our popular, award winning TA-SDK library, which was rated four out of four stars by Futures Magazine. Your end users can add technical indicators via a dialog or you can add custom technical indicators programmatically without user input. You can also use your own algorithms to display indicators with StockChartX HTML5. View a complete list of technical indicators below.

Click here to view a live demo

On a mobile device, such as an iPad, Android, or Windows Surface, StockChartX HTML5 can be manipulated using touch gestures like pinch, swipe, and tap. On a computer with a web browser, StockChartX HTML5 has a full set of mouse and keyboard controls. This provides a full technical analysis tool set, with a common user interface and look and feel, across all devices.

Important: Should I use HTML5, or Objective C for iOS, or Java for Android, or all the above?

We recommend using HTML5 if you're developing a website where tablet users are infrequent. We recommend using a native language such as Objective C or Java if you're developing an app for a tablet.

Websites are being accessed by a fast growing number of tablet users and this complicates the matter. Mobile data traffic is set to explode by 2018.

When providing charting in an emerging market such as India where iPads are priced out of reach for the vast majority of consumers, and where most Android tablets are inexpensive and come with cheap processors, developers should avoid using HTML5 as these tablets lack the processing power required to handle CPU intensive JavaScript.

To see a live example in action try our
demo (which is highly optimized) from both an inexpensive Android tablet and from an iPad tablet (even iPad version 1). The performance difference can be a factor of three. Although we expect this performance gap to narrow within the next three to five years, remember that performance is relative... it can be relative to another device or to a competitor's app which may be written in a native language.

The performance of native Java applications far exceed the performance of JavaScript/HTML5 applications on Android, making native Java preferable for markets where Android sales exceed iOS sales (see our StockChartX Android Edition).

As for iPad, Objective C has proven to be approximately 200 times faster than JavaScript/HTML5 based on our testing (see our StockChartX iOS Edition). This is a fact.

The last thing any app developer wants is a one-star rating, so it's best to use Objective C and Java whenever possible. It is also a best practice to detect if your website visitor is running iOS or Android so you can offer to direct the user to a native iOS or Android application if available.

Although it may be more difficult and more expensive to maintain multiple code bases for multiple platforms, you should never rely solely on HTML5 for tablet app development. Your app users will appreciate a faster native app and as Saint Jerome once said, "It is easier to mend neglect than to quicken love."

Another issue to consider with HTML5 is security. Although JavaScript can be obfuscated, it is still possible to reverse engineer the code and expose security vulnerabilities. Therefore sensitive information such as trading systems should be kept on the server side. And in a post Snowden world, many surfers are disabling JavaScript.

In summary, our recommendation is to use HTML5 only for websites when you know that your visitors are not running Android tablets.

Also, HTML5 is not intended for use in desktop applications. Instead, you should write desktop software in C++, C#, Objective C or other native languages (see StockChartX WPF for Windows, StockChartX COM for Windows, StockChartX Objective C for Mac). Of course there's Chromium, TideSDK, AppJS, NodeJS, Adobe AIR, an HTA approach and other ways to try to fool users into thinking they are running a desktop application with HTML5, but end users will of course know the truth judging by the controls, features, performance, and usability of your app.

Some proponents say that HTML5 is the wave of the future and will solve all our cross-platform development woes. That is simply untrue as HTML5 was designed for a completely different purpose. HTML5 is a web technology and is great if used for the right purpose. For websites, there is currently no substitute for HTML5!

So, you're sure HTML5 suits your needs. Why use StockChartX HTML5?

Because unlike other chart components out there, StockChartX HTML5 was developed for traders, by traders. Our developers are experienced traders who understand and know financial charting. We eat, sleep and breath trading. We know what features traders need and want. Other charting companies employ developers who are not specialists in finance, so when you have a support question about Fibonacci Retracements for example, we've got you covered. The other guys do not. While StockChartX HTML5 is priced a bit more than other charts out there, the old saying holds true... you get what you pay for! Give it a try and you will find that StockChartX HTML5 is the best HTML5 financial charting component by a factor of 10.

HTML5 Trading Platform

Our HTML5 Bootstrap based Financial Website Template is included with StockChartX HTML5

Technical Indicator List

Elder Ray Bull Power Elder Ray Bear Power, Elder Force Index, Elder Thermometer, Ehler's Fisher Transform, Keltner Channel, Market Facilitation Index, Schaff Trend Cycle, QStick, Stoller Average Range Channels (STARC), Center Of Gravity, Coppock Curve, Chande Forecast Oscillator, Gopalakrishnan Range Index, Klinger Volume Oscillator, Pretty Good Oscillator, Advanced MACD, RAVI, Random Walk Index, Twiggs Money Flow, Bollinger Bands, Prime Numbers Bands, Chaos Fractal Bands High Low Bands, Moving Average Envelope, Correlation Analysis, High Minus Low, Median Price, Price ROC, Standard Deviation, Typical Price, Volume ROC, Weighted Close, Accumulative Swing Index, Chaikin Money Flow, Commodity Channel Index, Comparative Relative Strength, Mass Index, Money Flow Index, Negative Volume Index, On Balance Volume, Performance Index, Positive Volume Index, Price Volume Trend, Relative Strength Index, Swing Index, Trade Volume Index, Regression R-Squared, Regression Forecast, Regression Slope, Regression Intercept, Time Series Forecast, Aroon, Aroon Oscillator, Chaos Fractal Oscillator, Chaikin Volatility, Historical Volatility, Chande Momentum Oscillator, Detrended Price Oscillator, DI+ DI-, ADX, ADXR, Ease Of Movement, MACD, Momentum, Parabolic SAR, Price Oscillator, Prime Numbers Oscillator, Rainbow Oscillator, Stochastic Oscillator, Stochastic Momentum Index, TRIX, True Range, Ultimate Oscillator, Vertical Horizontal Filter, Volume Oscillator, Williams Accumulation Distribution, Williams %R, Exponential Moving Average, Simple Moving Average, Time Series Moving Average, Triangular Moving Average, Variable Moving Average, VIDYA, Weighted Moving Average, Welles Wilder Smoothing and more.

Click here to view developer documentation.

Why Use StockChartX HTML5?

Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc. has been developing financial charting components since 1997. Our products have won numerous awards and have been featured in Stocks & Commodities and Futures Magazines.

Since our founding in 1997, we have provided advanced financial technology products and services to thousands of professional traders, brokerages, trading firms and renowned educational, governmental and non-profit institutions in over 94 countries.

Custom HTML5 Development Services

Our HTML5 developers can create a custom financial app that targets the web, iPhone, iPad, Android, the Chrome app store or any other distribution platform of your choice. Our rates are reasonable and services are professional. Contact us at sales@modulusfe.com or call toll free (888) 318-3754 to receive a free estimate.

Get Started

For pricing, terms, conditions regarding StockChartX HTML5 and TA-SDK JS, contact us at sales@modulusfe.com or by phone at (888) 318-3754 option 1. StockChartX HTML5 is licensed on a per-domain basis.

A fully-functional demo can be found at http://developer.modulusfe.com/stockchartx_html5/

Give us a call to learn more: (888) 318-3754 - or email sales@modulusfe.com 

Turnkey Solution - You Design - We Build

Don't have the time to develop your HTML5 financial application? Let us do it for you!

As part of Package #3 (listed at www.modulusfe.com/sale/) you can get StockChartX HTML5 as a ready-to-deploy web/mobile trading platform or charting solution professionally developed by Modulus for your company based on your specifications! We will develop your solution, write documentation, provide training, support and deploy your application on your servers. This package includes project management, documentation, graphics, software development, data feed integration, server deployment, trading functionality, everything! We will provide a completely customized solution with full source code. Learn more at www.modulusfe.com/sale/

Social Media Finance Website Template

Also check out our Branded, White Label, Fully Customizable Social Media Charting Website

Social media is growing in popularity among traders. Our new social trading solution is a Twitter-based social network service that allows traders to collaborate and share charts, trading strategies, indicators, and expert advisers with other registered users while growing your site’s popularity. Modulus enables you to connect with social media centric traders so you can go further – faster.


Technical Requirements
Language JavaScript
Server Any (Linux or Windows)


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