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  "We have been developing a back-testing trading system for approximately 18 months. I certainly wouldn't call myself a professional trader and unfortunately I only came across Modulus after about the first 6 months.

  After downloading the software and starting to look at it, I realized that the methodology that I'd been using is far inferior to what they had. So I then changed the core of the program to incorporate their methodology. This has basically shown a best practice way for me to use the flow of data within my products. This is not something that is advertised on the Modulus site. They merely advertise a product that does something. But it also shows you how you should be doing it.

  So if there's anyone out there thinking of purchasing these products, I would suggest you do it sooner rather than later because you realize how things really should be done.

  Keep up the good work is all I can say. Many thanks." - Craig Fletcher CEO Qwill Ltd.

  "Hi, I recently bought StockChartX to enable me to produce customized charts that were more flexible and easier to produce than those using Excelís native charting facility. Iím still developing these charts, so I canít claim to know all that StockChartX can do.

  Even so, I can recommend two things whole-heartedly. The first is the examples provided by Modulus to let the new user see what various things can be done. The examples come with the code used to generate them and you can quickly change it to meet your needs.

  The second is the excellent support provided by Modulus. I have made extensive use of this, both by phone and e-mail, and have received prompt, courteous, professional help every step of the way. Modulus stands behind its product after the sale, too, in order to assure the traderís success. I very much appreciate this and believe you will have the same first-rate experience. You'll not be disappointed with StockChartX or the team behind it.

  Best of luck to you and good trading!" - J.  McGuinness

  "I am an independent developer, and so I didn't take the decision to purchase code lightly. I spent quite a bite of time searching the market for source code of various indicators. There is lots of free stuff but it is not much use - you get what you pay for!

  TA-SDK saved me months of coding. The code is well structured, easily adapted, well documented and runs quickly. I use an Oracle database and the effort required to integrate the built in database into ADO was minimal. 

  Reading the code also taught me a few new tricks, especially when it came to coding up candlestick patterns. I am using the code in a genetic programming paradigm, and the functions that I am building, based on TA-SDK code, are equivalent to higher level individuals, and are specific to the problem being solved, saving many hours of computing time during the evolution phase." - Gary Follett

  "StockChartX was a valuable tool in helping us develop a complete turn-key, direct access brokerage trading solution. The source code was well written, and written in such a fashion that we were able to hire outside engineers to make modifications to the source code. It really added the charting element that we were looking for in our direct access brokerage trading system." - Dan Pipitone, NobleTrading.com

  "I have a testimonial on StockChartX and the library for indicators. We purchased these to speed up development of an online analytics program. We estimate 75% of our client development time was saved. The client we're using is an ActiveX control in a Microsoft browser. We found that the code for the GUI environment was robust very fast, so we're not noticing any delays in drawing. All of the charts are produced very flexibly with good formatting. 

  We were particularly impressed with getting the source code for the trading analysis libraries. The reason we're impressed is because it allowed us to extend the list of available indicators to include our own indicators. And in doing so, we looked at the source code for the analytics library and found it clean and intuitive and easy to use and extend. 

  The product in summary was well worth the investment in saving us time and we look forward to continuing to use the libraries which are made available form Modulus. Thanks very much." - Edwards, djled.com

  "Hello this is Robert Stevens. I purchased StockChartX to use as the charting component of my trading application. This application is written in VB and VC++ version 6. It watches real-time tick data, charts the data with indicators, places and manages trades, and also logs the results of the trades.

  The application also records real-time data and includes a play-back capability. The integration of StockChartX was easy. I was able to plot time and tick bars with indicators on multiple sub-charts.

  The included source code allowed me to customize the standard StockChartX scaling. Performance was lightning fast! There was almost no perceptible slow down in the back tests. Thanks for a great product." - Robert Stevens

   "Here is my opinion about TA-SDK. I ordered a license to integrate the indicators in a technical analysis software I developed. At the beginning, it was only to supplement an existing indicators library. At the end, I replaced all the indicators with their TA-SDK fashion. The integration has been done so quickly, with an easy to understand and adapt data model. TA-SDK is two times more rapid and uses less memory than other APIs. TA-SDK does really a good job, simple, rapid, and generates very safe data to exploit. I recommend it for all serious technical analysis development." -Patrice Le Vexier, Freelance Java developer. Paris, France

  "I recently ordered a TA-SDK VB Edition for use in a custom scanning program (that I'm not selling!) that I've been developing for over five years.

  I've used almost every software package on the market for scanning and charting. I finally gave up with the idea that it was cheaper to not re-invent the wheel, and just wrote my own that checks over 1,200 stocks each morning - with most of the help coming from the TA-SDK VB Edition.

  Yes, I have over 20 years in programming experience. With the sample code that is supplied it is a snap to use. Just copy the sample code into your program and change the variables - that's it! Want a 200-day moving average? Just change the variable from 5 to 200, that's it!

  If you need technical help, they normally get back to you within 2 hours, if not right away!

  The very best part about this product is that it figures all the studies perfectly. I check the answers the TA-SDK VB Edition gives me with another program I use for real-time trading. And again, I will say; it figures all the studies perfectly! No other product I've ever tried does that.

  I looked over the StockChartX product and find that it is the very best. And with the sample code supplied, it should be a snap to add to my scanning program.

  These products have turned my trading around to be extremely profitable. And it should be very easy for anyone with very little experience with VB, Excel, or VBA to use.

  Thanks again for these products." - Bugs, Bugs Software, Miami Florida.

  "Hi this is Dr. Rama Jager. I wanted to provide a testimonial for TA-SDK.net (the commercial edition).

  I find TA-SDK.net Commercial Edition a fantastic product that allows me to completely customize my trading algorithms far better than any other commercial software package that is currently available on the market.

  It's an amazing product that has really provided me with the opportunity to fine-tune my algorithms to the extent that only an investment banking talent or a large mutual fund company could possibly do.

  I believe that it's a fantastic product that really has it's potential to revolutionize the way trading is performed by individual investors. It really gives one the upper hand compared to an average investor." - Dr. Rama Jager

  "Hi, this is Jingbi Tan. I purchased TA-SDK and StockChartX one year ago. I'm very satisfied with these two products and your customer service. It has saved me lots of time. As an individual developer, the most important thing is that I can make any change to this code as it's part of the project. Thank you." - Jingbi Tan

  "I'm an owner of the TA-SDK VB Edition. Having a software development background as well as being an active trader, TA-SDK gives me the flexibility to write my own trading systems with the programming tools that I am familiar with and comfortable with. 

  I can now do more with a database than I ever dreamed possible without restrictions put on me by having to use a scripting language provided by most analysis software packages. I just want to say thank you for the great product." - John Miller

  "I started looking at the StockChartX product as a way to help me developed a real-time trading application. I found it a very useful tool. Using Visual Basic is an easy way to program and StockChartX is easy to integrate within the applications.

  The sorts of things which I do with it, are looking for ways to visualize trading opportunities without the constrictions I would find in a normal charting application. StockChartX has been useful to me. First of all it is supplied with a reasonable amount of sample source code and help, and that means you can start developing applications quickly.

  And whenever you do have problems, I've found that the support from Modulus FE has been fantastic. I've got answers to my emails at all times of the day. I live in England and they live in America and yet the time difference doesn't seem to end the very rapid response to problems. There haven't been many, but where I do have an issue its good to get prompt support. So I found it a very useful product that helps me in my charting applications." - John Auld, England

  "I just want to say something about TA-SDK. It's a wonderful product, it has every indicator you can think of plus a few I've never heard of. It's easy to use in my code - what a time saver it is. I mean, just imagine how long it would take to research and code just a few of the indicators. And then how confident would I be that they would even be right? Just compared that to the cost and it was a no-brainer on the purchase. I just want to thank you for a wonderful product." - Troy Hale, Hendersonville, TN

  "My name is Andrew Peters and I develop automatic execution systems for the Forex markets. I mainly use Visual Studio .net for my development environment and I use both native net and com components in most of my applications. I use TA-SDK.net for my technical analysis indicators and I use StockChartX for my charts.

  I found both of these components to be extremely reliable, which for automatic execution systems is probably the most important ingredient. A single error coming from TA-SDK for example would result in a wrong trade and obviously influence profits. And fortunately I haven't had even a single error reported from any of my clients or found during testing. So this reliability is probably the key feature for me purchasing TA-SDK and continuing to support the development in any future products Modulus FE puts out. 

  Modulus FE's support has also been very good. I discovered an additional feature that would help StockChartX display Forex data a little bit better, and the Modulus team added the method and even e-mailed me the upgraded version within one or two days. Obviously this kind of support is very rare in this industry, and is what developers need when developing with 3rd party components. Modulus FE's support has considerable sped up my development time and let me concentrate on my own analysis and my own application's code without having to hunt down all the indicator algorithms or developing the components on my own.

  I definitely recommend all of Modulus FE's products. I believe TA-SDK is especially a must-have component for every developer working with technical analysis" - Andrew Peters, Fabrefactum.com

  "I've been using TA-SDK for quite awhile. I've built a complete intra-day trading system where I automated my system which has been in research and development for over 45 years, and I personally have been doing research on it for over 5 years and using TA-SDK I was able to completely automate my intra-day system. I think TA-SDK has the potential to replace all the software packages out there because uses a standard language like Java, C++, etc. which is much more flexible than using some proprietary languages." - Pal Anand, Chilliwack BC

  "I started share trading a year ago as a complete novice. I did not want to buy a trading system and use it blindly, as I felt it was important to understand the fundamental logic of indicators, charts etc. I also wanted to develop my own trading strategy so as not to follow the crowd. I began development of my own software last September, using VB .NET, Modulus FE's TA-SDK and the charting module of an office product. I soon realized that charting was crucial to my strategy and upgraded to StockChartX v5.0.

  I am now trading successfully with my own method, which is heavily reliant on StockChartX . I could not have created and used my method using "black-box" trading software.

  The service from Modulus FE has been excellent, extending even to helping me solve problems which were due to my lack of experience with .NET. They have been responsive to my requests for special functions, which have been crucial to my method. As traders themselves they understood what I was asking for.

  I highly recommend StockChartX to anyone who can program (or has access to resources) and wants to find their own niche in the market."

Michael Sherwood
Unity Consulting Pty Ltd

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