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StockChartX V.5 Released!

Exciting News: StockChartX Version 5.0 Professional Edition has been released.

Introducing 3D Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candlevolume, Equivolume, Shaded Equivolume, Line Studies and much more.

StockChartX Pro examples are available in
VB6, VB.NET, C#, VC++, Delphi 7, and Microsoft Excel.

Plus! StockChartX V.5 Professional Edition now has our popular TA-SDK built right in. That means technical indicators can be displayed in StockChartX just by calling one single programming method...

StockChart SL for Web Apps... 

We've made several recent improvements to StockChart SL. Based on Microsoft Silverlight, StockChart SL features all the same properties and methods that our COM version of StockChartX offers plus more. Fully documented C# source code is available. You can use StockChart SL to power dynamic user-driven web-based financial applications...

Recent Updates to M4

There have been several recent updates to the M4 trading platform. We've recently added features such as expert advisors, trading off the chart, stock scanning, artificial intelligence systems, consensus reporting, social media connectivity and much more...

Financial Software Consulting

The Modulus Consulting Services Group helps customers achieve their strategic financial software development goals.
Our custom services typically involve a wide, ongoing partnership with our customers. Our elite team of professionals can supplement your internal software developer staff or you can choose to outsource specific design or development tasks to us...

StockChartX ActiveX Stock Charting Component
Welcome to Modulus, the Source of Financial Technology

The TradeScript programming language for back testing, real-time alerts, scripted order entry and real-time formula outputs is now available in the C# programming language...

Evo2 C# Genetic Algorithm library

Evo2™ is our advanced new genetic algorithm library developed in C# that incorporates the latest in genetic algorithm design, such as biologically identical processes, epigenetic switches, Westermarck inbreeding prevention, age-limited recombination and more..

Open Source Exchange ECN

MyExchange™ is our new high performance ECN exchange server that comes with complete C# source code, which allows anyone to create their own equities, forex, futures, bonds or sports betting exchange...


The Modulus NNPC-12 Neural Network card provides true MIMD processing for the fastest possible network training, evaluation, and implementation.

The heart of the NNP family is the MIMD Neural Network Processor, which provides the basic unit of processing. Multiple NNPs can operate in parallel through a unique bus and connector design.

PCI, ISA, and VME busses are supported with interface boards that two built in NNPs. Additional NNPs can be stacked on the base- board. The VME board includes two TMS320C40 DSP Chips...

Futures Magazine XXV Read the full two page review of TA-SDK in Futures Magazine Vol. XXV (rated excellent for operation and accuracy).

M4 Trading Platform with complete VB.NET and C++ source code

The M4 Trading Platform is a multi-asset trading platform with source.

Save thousands with our new platform source code subscription. An extremely flexible  platform with feature rich charting, real-time data, portfolio tracking, automated trading and stock screening via our built-in scripting language. The M4 platform comes with complete source code and is 100% customizable.
Click here for complete details

Windows 8 Support
All Modulus products are compatible with Windows 8, including the M4 Trading Platform, StockChartX, APR,  TradeScript, RMD Server and other products.
Advanced Pattern Recognition
The Modulus APR library is the world's first template-driven, fully dynamic, pattern recognition engine for identifying patterns in financial data. Our patent-pending system uses fuzzy logic to match dynamic patterns in stock, futures and forex data with extreme speed and accuracy... 

Source Code Subscription
Our Source Code Subscription contains a royalty-free license to our source code and compiled software for most of the products listed on our site including StockChartX, TA-SDK, TradeScript, RMD Server, Neural Trader and more. Don't reinvent the wheel...
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