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financestudio.com SOLD!
We paid top dollar for this domain name but no longer have plans to use it. Our loss your gain!
Excellent for trading software but reusable for any type of finance application, making it a great investment.

equicharts.com + equicharts.net
We used this set of domain names a few years back but no longer support the "EquiCharts" trading application.
Includes the right to use the "EquiCharts" name for your trading software.

freemarketdata.com + freemarketdata.net
A set of domains that we once used for distributing free market data.

zaptrader.net + zaptrader.com
Zap Trader is a good name for a trading application.

AppliedQuant.com is a great name for a 1990s netscape-style quant trading platform website!

To request a domain or to list yours here, please email sales@modulusfe.com or contact us at (888) 318-3754

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