Genome PropertiesModulus Evo2
OnlineModulus Evo2The Genome type exposes the following members.

Public propertyChromosomes
Returns a read-only copy of the genome's chromosomes.
Public propertyError
The overall error of this Genome, for use by the client-supplied fitness function and the Genome Evolve function.
Public propertyGenealogyInfo
GenealogyInfo is set internally by the GeneticAlgorithm Evolve method and provides details that allow the client to create genealogy reports.
Public propertyMutationRate
Mutation rate from 0 to 1, default 0.05. May be changed during evolution to simulate annealing. Higher mutation rates result in slower gradient decent.
Public propertyName
Name is like a surname that helps identify the genome's genealogy.
Public propertySex
Identifies if the genome is male or female. This tag is required because the Genome does not have a specific allosome gene pair.
Public propertyTag
Helps identify the genome.
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