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Most Modulus products come with a 30 day money back guarantee

We guarantee that if a product does not work in the manner it was advertised or demonstrated to work and if our technical support personnel are unable to help you use our product within 30 days from the date the problem was first reported within the support period, we may elect to REFUND THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE providing that you have fully cooperated with our technical support personnel.

Electronic (Internet Download) Purchase from Modulus Financial Engineering
You will be required to complete our software intellectual property destruction form and mail/fax it to Modulus Financial Engineering.

Electronic (Internet Download) Purchase from an Online Retailer
Modulus Financial Engineering cannot process returns for a product purchased from any source other than Modulus Financial Engineering. A product purchased from a source other than Modulus Financial Engineering must be returned to the place it was purchased from. Please contact the online retailer for specific return policies.

CD-ROMs / Boxed Software Purchases direct from Modulus Financial Engineering
Please complete the return letter form and mail it to Modulus Financial Engineering along with your original invoice, physical software product and materials (CD, manual, etc.).


This policy guarantees that you will be able to use our products as advertised - that is our promise to you. All returns are made at the sole discretion of Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc. on a case by case basis. Because of the nature of our business of licensing source code products and providing extensive technical support, all credit card charge backs will be investigated, and if found fraudulent, will promptly result in severe civil and criminal prosecution indifferent of the level and extent of fraud.

Historical Data on CD-ROM and Market Data Manager: Due to the nature of data CD-ROMs and the ease of duplication, these  purchases are not refundable.



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