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M4 Trading Platform - Open Source
Introducing M4 - three flexible trading platforms available with C# and VC++ source code, for professional traders and brokerages in need of a customizable solution...

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M4 Deployment Timeline

M4 trading platform deployment timeline

Day 1

Purchase the M4 source code license and download the source code from our web site. If you purchased a commercial license (for brokerages or other financial institutions), your deliverables will include full source code to all components including the .NET front-end, charting engine, scripting engine, mobile application, data server, administration utility, web charts and more. Setup requires Windows Server and MS SQL. If you purchased a personal license for individual use, your deliverables will include front end source code and binary components for charting, scripting, etc.

Day 2

If your IT personnel will be making modifications to M4 for you, your IT department will be requested to setup a dedicated development machine so that we may login and install the development tools. Alternatively, you may request that we provide a VMWare development package with everything pre-loaded. A full day of setup and training will be provided in addition to one year of technical support via support.modulusfe.com

The M4 platform will be installed with the default data feed (which may be changed later) and will be  running on the development machine. The order entry screen will not be functional at this point.

If you will be hiring Modulus to make modifications for you, we will first execute an NDA and then request to schedule an initial 1-hour consultation with you to gather ideas and create a work plan. At your request we may need to hold additional meetings with other people in your firm, end-user traders, IT personnel, etc.

Day 3

Customizations begin. Either Modulus or your IT department will begin performing modifications to M4. Modifications will include data feed integration, broker API integration and back-end modifications. Data feed integration should be expected to require four to five days for simple APIs such as eSignal for example. Broker API integration should require approximately 6 to 10 days in most cases. Other customizations and enhancements may be made concurrently. Custom documentation should be written while development is taking place and setup and deployment programming should also be started.

Day 14

A beta version of the platform may be delivered to a select group of traders for feedback. After feedback and modifications, a final release build may be deployed to your end users.

The time to deploy M4 from the delivery date is normally a minimum of 14 days. More time may be required for additional modifications not listed above. With that said, please note the single most important rule in the software industry is to multiply the expected number of days to delivery by three, to take into account any unforeseen issues, setbacks, etc. This gives a timeline of between two to six weeks without extensive modifications.

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Pricing, Terms, and Availability
M4 is affordably priced based on your intended usage. Unlimited distribution licenses are available for brokerages and retail software vendors. All packages include highly available technical support and source code updates for one year (support and updates may be extended).

With M4 you can Create Your Own Brokerage - Offer Your Own Educational Software - Create a Stock Market Simulation Game - and more!

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Contact us at sales@modulusfe.com or call us toll free at (888) 318-3754 and select option 1.

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