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M4 Trading Platform - Open Source
Start Your Own Brokerage - Offer Your Own Educational Software - Create a Stock Market Game - and more! Updated for 2014!

Complete Trading Platform Source Code...

A customizable trading application with complete C# source code for brokerages and professional traders.


View Trading App with C# and C++ Source on YouTube
Or Download the QuickTime Video Here

M4 can save you time and money if you want to develop a stand-alone trading system, start a forex, stock or futures brokerage or replace a legacy trading platform.

Save thousands of hours in development time!

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Note: We've launched a website for the M4 trading platform that is less technical (compared to the content on this page) and better suited for non-technical readers - click here to enter the site.

Click here to view the new WPF Edition of M4...

The M4 platform is a professional trading application featuring real-time quote screens, charting, portfolio tracking, automated trading capabilities via the TradeScript scripting language or any .NET language, Windows Mobile charting plus much more...
M4 Trading Application
Are you considering a ready to go, custom-built trading platform?
Have you spent a lot of money building your own trading application only to find that it still does not serve your needs as expected? Are you paying for a platform that you do not own? Are you fretful that you cannot solve critical software problems because you do not have the source code?

Are you worried about the associated risks, time and money it takes to build a trading platform from scratch?

You need your own trading software source code to be in complete control.

M4 is a white-label trading application that comes with full source code.
This means that you can purchase the application source code by paying a one-time license fee, then distribute the application to your trading clients (if you are a brokerage) or to other traders!

  Modulus M4 Case Study - WhenToTrade Cycles and Genetic Algorithm (GA) Platform (PDF)

What you should know before you buy, lease, or build a platform...

            1. Buying a ready to go, custom-built trading platform is very expensive.
            2. Building a trading platform from scratch can be very demanding and frustrating.
            3. Leasing a trading platform and paying royalties only to be "hooked" is never sensible!
            4. Not having your trading platform source code is extremely limiting and dangerous.
            5. Using free open source is even far more dangerous! (see our document).

If you're a brokerage, perhaps you are paying for a platform that you don’t even own, or you’re concerned that your competitors are releasing so many platforms that you can’t keep up with them. 

If you're a professional trader, perhaps you are frustrated with the lack of flexibility and support with your existing off-the-shelf trading software such as Metastock, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, TradeStation, etc. The limited programming features those platforms offer may be inadequate for you and may be holding you back.

Or perhaps you have spent a ton of cash to build your own platform that is just not living up to your expectations, yet is costing an arm and a leg to maintain and you still can't get the bugs out after investing an enormous amount of time?


The front-end user interface is available in C#, which offers a familiar setting for experienced programmers, while the CPU intensive back-end code is written in VC++ for best performance. Back-end code includes the charting features, technical analysis and the scripting language. View the process diagram.

Everything about M4 is completely customizable. All windows, menus, toolbars, charts, and features can be modified, enhanced or removed with ease. Because you get complete source code for both the front end (C# for the User Interface) and the backend (VC++ for StockChartX, TA-SDK, etc.), you can make modifications yourself or you can hire developers to make modifications for you. If you do not have access to developers, we can supply developers at a very competitive rate. The software features multi-timeframe charts, separate windows for charts to support multiple monitors, autotrader capabilities, a trend cycle identifier, advanced artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and more.

M4 can be configured based on your unique needs and budget. We offer an affordable perpetual license with source code priced at just a fraction of the cost it would take to license a binary application or build from scratch.

M4 runs on all versions of Windows including the new Windows 8.

M4 runs as fast as a Cheetah, thanks to the C++ charting, indicators and scripting language.

The C# / C++ interop boundary has been carefully engineered so that minimal data is marshaled back and forth. You get excellent performance from C++ and you get rapid application development from C#.

M4 is also extremely SECURE by means of Triple DES and Twofish Encryption Technology.

There may be some features that M4 doesn't have, which you may need to integrate for the completed product that you had in mind. But that's the reason why you should choose M4, because it is extensible and versatile, because it is a starting point and not a finished product! M4 is designed to help save you time and possibly reduce your time to market.

The excellent User Interface design that you wanted... it's possible with M4 as your starting point. You can achieve the User Interface results that you want with just a day or two of custom programming, guaranteed.

The many colors, styles, sizes and shapes of the User Interface components that you have considered are all possible with M4, along with the data feed integrations, brokerage or backend API connections, data servers, admin features, and...

Whoops, you have forgotten something, haven't you?

Your trading application needs to connect to a data feed (which one will you use?), it needs to connect to a brokerage API (how will you integrate it?) or a backend (do you have a backend!?). What about a data server and an OMS? There's so many things to consider when developing a trading application that it is very difficult to remember all the requirements.

But the good news is that M4 fulfills ALL the standard requirements and more. So you don't have to worry about what you may have missed. M4 has 15 years of experience built into it (see our About Us page and see Testimonials).

If you've attempted to develop your trading application from scratch then you've probably experienced some pain. M4 can help you avoid that pain and possibly have a finished, stable product ready for market sooner rather than later.


With M4 the time to market is faster and the total costs are far less than even using open source libraries and paying for outsourced development! GUARANTEED.

Click here to view an example deployment timeline.

Click here to view a deployment timeline

The M4 platform can be customized to work with any brokerage API or data feed API. In fact, if your API is provided with documentation, we may program the interfaces free of charge.

M4 Trading Platform Source Code available in VB.net, C# and VC++

Trade directly off of charts

The client application is available in C# and C++, which includes:
1. Professional double buffered quote screen with live thumbnail tick charts
2. Portfolio manager / Order entry screen (can be linked to any brokerage)
3. Charting screen with technical analysis and direct trading from charts
4. Advanced chart pattern recognition built into the charting screen
5. Neural Network (Artificial Intelligence) feature is built into M4
6. Features user-editable Expert Advisors and Consensus Reports
7. Back testing screen (with end-user scripting language)
8 Real time alerts screen (with end-user scripting language)
9. Stock scanning screen (via the TradeScript language)
10. Import/Export to/from Excel including indicator values
11. Straight-forward data feed API adapter class with development support
12. Our mobile charting/portfolio viewer application based on StockChart CE
Also includes a back-end administrator application for generating license keys, sending instant messages, generating P&L reports plus much more...
M4 is extremely flexible! Any data provider or order entry API can be adapted!




With our new one-base framework, you can create high quality trading platforms that support many unique features in a matter of days or weeks… not months or years!

M4 features our StockChartX financial charting component, which seamlessly integrates into the advanced user interface, providing a very professional look and feel.

Save over 8,500 development man-hours: The M4 platform package includes our Source Code Subscription

M4 Features
  1. Powerful object-oriented charting and technical analysis
  2. Includes full source code that you may modify and extend
  3. Optional end-user technical support contract available
  4. All windows, toolbars, menus and charts are 100% customizable
  5. Orders can be transmitted to any API via a single function call
  6. C# Data Server included to distribute data to multiple M4 clients
  7. Optimized architecture takes advantage of multiple core processors
  8. Any data provider can be implemented into the application
  9. Scripting, alerts, back testing, pattern recognition and more
 10. Excellent product support and inexpensive consulting services

Asynchronous Processing
All CPU intensive processes in M4 are asynchronous, taking full advantage of the latest in multiple core processors. Data loading, neural network training, expert advisor processing and other features make full use of asynchronous programming throughout M4. We also make it easy for you to add your own asynchronous features by reusing our AsyncProcess template class.

Advanced User Interface Design

The M4 platform features our advanced StockChartX C++ financial charting component with WinForms.

StockChartX is pre-integrated into the advanced user interface provided in the M4 platform.

Multiple charts can be displayed at once as shown in the image on the right. Charts can be tabbed, cascaded or floating.

M4 also features a skinned user interface with styles such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Office 2012, etc. Custom skins can be applied with ease.

Forex Pairs Screen

Forex Pair Screen

Advanced charting features Point & Figure, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, EquiVolume, Shaded EquiVolume, CandleVolume and the new Heikin Ashi Candlesticks including all popular technical indicators.

Multiple Charts

M4 Features Simple Deployment Options


VCPP, CSharp or VB.NET

Develop Trading Strategies using the Built-In TradeScript Language or any .NET language.

The Modulus C# Backtester is a C# library that lets developers back test their trading systems in C#, VB.net, F#, IronPython, JScript#, or any other .NET language, using tick or bar data. Included with M4.

Scripting Language

           Built-In Scanner System

One of the most advanced features of M4 is the built-in TradeScript scripting language.

The TradeScript scripting language allows M4 end-users to write complex scripts with simulated control structure for scanning, real time alerts, back testing and more.

The scripting language is conceptually similar to MetaStock (tm) Scripting Language and TradeStation (tm) EasyLanguage (tm).

Powerful, Flexible Automated Trading
A trade-alert and automated trading screen is integrated into the M4 platform. All the hard, time-consuming work is already done.. all you have to do is wire up your data feed and order entry API. We can even do that for you! Alerts can be sent to any Windows Mobile or iOS (iPad/iPhone) device.


TradeScript Scripting Formula Language

Click here to view the PDF flyer

The built-in scanner processes thousands of stock, futures, options and forex symbols
based on user-defined technical criteria (via TradeScript) in real-time.

Also check out the new optional Modulus Super Scanner High Frequency
Stock Market Scanner / Automated Trading Engine!


M4 is a white-label product. This means you can change the application name, title, windows, menus and more. You may distribute the application to your end users if you purchase a commercial license.

M4's professional User Interface is made possible by our partnership with Nevron. Learn more.

Note that the extra features below are optional!

M4 C# Edition features Expert Advisors

Traders can develop their own Expert Advisors or select from one of the many pre-defined Expert Advisors included within the trading system database.

Traders can choose to keep their Expert Advisors secret or publish the advisors so that other traders can use them.

This architecture provides the inherent extensibility to convert the publishing feature into a subscription model or app store with payment processing.

Custom Expert Advisor alert messages are formatted using HTML and variables such as:

<font color='red'>The SMA indicator recently crossed [above|below] the close, so [buy|sell] now!</font>

These Expert Advisor alerts will popup in the lower right corner of the screen whenever a signal is generated by M4.



Expert Advisor Consensus Reports

Canned Expert Advisors and User Defined Expert Advisors may be aggregated into one or more consensus reports that indicate the overall buy/sell consensus for the underlying chart data.

This multi-threaded feature allows traders to continue working with charts while the consensus reports are running.

Any number of Expert Advisors or Technical Indicators can be grouped into a consensus report.

The output is presented in a text box and the overall ranking of all outputs are calculated into a ranking value that ranges between -100 for sell and +100 for buy.

The ranking value is displayed in a gauge control next to the chart window.

Traders can refresh the consensus report periodically using the button on this screen.

Neural Network for Trading Software
Neural Network (optional)

M4 features an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) that simulates basic parts of the biologic brain. You can train the neural network with one or more technical indicator inputs and then the system will attempt to forecast the market based on what it has learned from the historic data. M4's Neural Network uses our proprietary neural network training algorithm that has been specifically adapted for financial applications.

The Neural Network provides very interesting outputs, click here to see a sample.

Trade Twitter lets you Tweet Your Trades

Tweet Your Trades using Twitter! (optional)

M4 now allows traders to send tweets manually or automatically for each trade.

Click here to see a screenshot of the setup in a web 2.0 style.

As with everything else, all source code is included so you can tweak this feature as desired! By the way, you can follow us on twitter here.

Optional Built-In RSS News Reader Client


The Modulus Evo2 genetic algorithm engine can be integrated into M4 to perform genetic programming (autonomous creation of trading systems), trading system optimization and portfolio optimization. Evo2 let's developers build multivariate trading system optimizations with ease. Read more...


Global Mood Add-On Module

Optional Wall Street Birds Global Mood Data Add-On

Why buy M4? There are at least a few good reasons…

1. Most companies should prefer buying to building: if you build your own, there's an unacceptable risk that the end result might not work as expected. Most companies find it hard to admit this.

2. M4 can save you thousands of hours in development time. This means faster time to market and incredibly lower costs.

3. M4 is commercially supported. Your software developers will receive technical support, setup and training, source code updates and helpful advice for the entire duration of your source code subscription.

4. Under our Value added Reseller program, you can recoup your entire investment very quickly and possibly earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Quality Assurance
M4 has already been subjected to thousands of hours of QA testing, load testing and real-world usage by actual traders so that you can spend less time testing and debugging! We guarantee that the product will work as advertised!

Optional Interactive Brokers Integration
M4 can be customized to work with any brokerage API. An optional pre-programmed brokerage plug-in for Interactive Brokers can be included with your purchase of the M4 trading platform.

Interactive Brokers (IB) Brokerage API Support


We provide highly available support for customizations and deployment to ensure that your platform is up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. Your platform can be up and running in as little as one week in many cases.

The M4 platform requires a Windows 2000 or greater PC with Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework or greater. A third party user interface component is required, which must be licensed separately. The included setup application will install the framework if it is not already installed. If you need to modify the source code, your development team must make the modifications in VB.NET, C# and/or VC++, or you may request our consulting group to make modifications for you at a very reasonable hourly rate.

Click here to view the process diagram

Customization Services
Our team of highly skilled, professional financial software consultants can program any type of modification based on your individual needs at a very affordable rate. M4 can be customized to output custom technical indicators based on your formulas, buttons and menus can be added or removed, new windows can be inserted, new features can be added and so forth. Our developers are very experienced in VB.NET, C# and VC++ programming. If you are interested in our consulting services, please send an email to sales@modulusfe.com or call toll free, (888) 318-3754 option 1.


M4 Trading Platform Update Video

Pricing, Terms, and Availability
M4 is affordably priced based on your intended usage. Unlimited distribution licenses are available for brokerages and retail software vendors. All packages include highly available technical support and source code updates for one full year (support and updates may be extended).

New! Introducing M4 Silverlight Edition
for browser-based trading platforms

 Limited Time Offer! Get eight hours of free setup and customization 
at no additional charge when you purchase the M4 platform!
Also receive our Enterprise Source Code Subscription
Hurry - Offer Ends Soon

To get a detailed quote for the M4 trading platform please email sales@modulusfe.com or call us toll free at (888) 318-3754 and select option 1.


Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program. One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading, for example, the ability to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses are material points which can also adversely affect actual trading results. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of any specific trading program which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results and all of which can adversely affect actual trading results.

SEC Disclosure: MFE does not promote stocks in the software or on the web site. MFE does not receive any compensation from companies whose stocks appear in the software or on the web site and MFE has no financial interest in the outcome of any stock trades mentioned therein.

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