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TradeScript 2006 - Back Testing, Alert, and Formula Output Engine

Technical Specifications

TradeScript™ has been under development and testing by a large number of beta users over the course of several years. By the date of release, TradeScript™ is considered to be a mature, fully functional and stable product. Throughout the testing process we have established very detailed minimum system requirements. 

Minimum system requirements are 64MB RAM and a 700MHZ CPU, running Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. TradeScript™ is designed to take advantage of 64 bit processors if available and newer APIs such as those found in Windows 8, if available.

Performance tests have been conducted to simulate poor operating conditions such as Windows 98, 600MHz CPU with minimal RAM. No problems were identified.

TradeScript™ is thread-safe. There is no set limit as to the maximum number of threads that may run simultaneously. The average script will consume no more than 1% of available CPU load (maximum stress) tested on a 2GHz system with 64MB RAM under Windows 2000.

An Internet connection is not required to run TradeScript™. 
Data may come from any source and may represent any security (stocks, options, futures, forex, etc.). Data is inserted into TradeScript™ by means of a function call (refer to the help file).

TradeScript™ processes bars and not raw time series. There are no set limits in terms of periodicity of bars. Real-time updates may be appended to the last value of a 1 minute bar, for example. 

Click here to download the API help file for Windows.

Click here to download the TradeScript Programmer's Guide.

Back Testing, Alert, and 
Formula Output Engine

TradeScript Presentation Watch the Presentation (7 minutes)


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