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M4 trading platform based on Microsoft Silverlight

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Introducing M4 Silverlight EditionM4 Silverlight Trading Platform

Are you looking for a trading platform that runs inside a web browser on any operating system, and at the same time has the look and feel of a desktop application?

Our new Microsoft Silverlight Edition of the M4 desktop trading platform is based on Silverlight and takes advantage of all the latest features found in this browser based technology designed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-platform technology that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux inside a wide variety of web browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and many others.


M4 Silverlight is based on our award winning StockChart SL Silverlight charting engine.

Familiar Development Environment
Aside from using Java, developers have previously resorted to using either Flash or JavaScript based technologies to develop online trading applications. The Microsoft Silverlight environment uses XAML and C#, which is a language that most software developers are already familiar with.

Also, Microsoft Silverlight has a fast growing community of developers. You may post and receive answers to many Silverlight related topics on the Microsoft Sivlerlight Developer Forums free of charge.

Dynamic Financial Charting
M4 SL uses our already proven StockChart SL charting component, which supports real-time charting for stocks, futures, options and forex. Updates can be made to the chart in real-time while the market is trading. Users may add technical indicators, line studies or change color properties via the built-in functions and properties that are exposed by the C# API.

M4 Silverlight Trading Platform
M4 SL features over 60 popular technical indicators that may be customized by the end user, complete navigational control (zooming and scrolling), extended line styles and color properties, user-drawn line studies, an order entry / portfolio screen, a forex pairs screen and an L1 quote screen.

Data Providers
M4 SL comes with a barchart data feed pre-integrated. You can use the supplied data server to integrate other data providers such as eSignal, IQFeed, etc.



M4 Silverlight vs. M4 Desktop
Although you can use M4 SL as a stand-alone trading platform, the product was designed to work in parallel with the desktop based M4 trading platform. Please note that the Silverlight based platform is a thin client that does not offer scripting capabilities, therefore alerts, back testing, automated trading and scanning are not implemented.

When you purchase M4 SL you will receive complete C# source code to the Silverlight and WPF editions of StockChartX, which includes source code to all of our technical indicators, line studies and charting functions.

You will also receive complete C# source code to the User Interface (requires a 3rd party UI component license) for order entry / portfolio management, a level 1 data grid and a forex pairs screen. Other miscellaneous forms for data login and other options are also included. We provide free setup via Remote Desktop along with email technical support. Source code updates are provided for one year from the date of purchase (renewable).

Forex pairs grid for Microsoft Silverlight

Requirements and License Terms
M4 SL is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers listed on the Microsoft Silverlight page.

Modulus warrants that any changes made to the Silverlight framework will be updated with the products in a timely manner and you will receive the source code updates if you have purchased a source code license.

If you need to modify the source code, your development team must make modifications in C# using Microsoft VS.NET 2008. You may also request our consulting group to make modifications for you at a very reasonable hourly rate.

M4 Silverlight Trading Platform

Customization Services
Our team of highly skilled, professional financial software consultants can program any type of modification based on your individual needs at a very affordable rate. Contact us at sales@modulusfe.com or call (888) 318-3754 and choose option 1.





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