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M4 Trading Platform - Open Source
Introducing M4 - three flexible trading platforms available in VB.NET, C# or VC++ source code, for professional traders and brokerages in need of a customizable solution...

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Save thousands of hours in development time!

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M4 Process Diagram

M4 trading platform client, server and admin.

1. The first tier of M4 is the trading client front-end, which includes order entry, real time charting, alerts, back testing, scanning/screening, etc. Both a .NET desktop application and a Windows Mobile application are provided with complete source code, so you can make any number of customizations to these applications.

2. The second tier is the M4 server, which is a .NET web service that may either be hosted on your server or hosted on our servers. This tier is responsible for handling client data (window settings, trade logs, reporting, instant messaging, license keys, etc.). All data is encrypted prior to arrival. The provided administration utility allows you to generate account reports, send instant messages, create license keys, deactivate users and so forth.

3. The third tier is an optional real time database server capable of storing real time tick data, simultaneously broadcasting the tick data out to M4 clients and handling historic data requests all in real time. This server is capable of handling multiple exchange head ends or data feeds and aggregating all the data into one source. This tier is used only if you will be hosting your own data. Alternatively, the M4 client may connect directly to a data provider such as eSignal, Barchart.com, DTN, etc.

If your broker or data provider is not supported we may program the APIs into M4 at no additional cost. Contact us for details.

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Pricing, Terms, and Availability
M4 is affordably priced based on your intended usage. Unlimited distribution licenses are available for brokerages and retail software vendors. All packages include highly available technical support and source code updates for one full year (support and updates may be extended).

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Contact us for details at sales@modulusfe.com or call us toll free at (888) 318-3754 and select option 1.

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