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Financial Charting Component

Introducing StockChartX Version 5.0, a powerful financial chart control featuring advanced charting types: 3D Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candlevolume, Equivolume, Shaded Equivolume, Heikin Ashi Candlesticks, Darvas Boxes,Technical Analysis and more!

Now developers can leverage their knowledge and existing code to easily integrate our lightweight COM-based ActiveX stock chart component. Developing with StockChartX using VB, VB.Net, C#, Excel, VC++, and Delphi, is quick and easy. StockChartX supports both Desktop applications and web charting applications.

No other charting component comes close to the flexibility and completeness of StockChartX V.5 Pro. Modulus Financial Engineering does one thing and does it right... we do financial software engineering only! What this means is that you will find features built right into StockChartX that you will not find in any other charting component, guaranteed. Features that are specific to financial applications.....

Finally, a charting component designed BY traders, FOR traders!

With StockChartX, you can chart real-time stock data, embed objects like buy, sell, exit or custom bitmap symbols, insert text, trend lines, custom drawings, multiple indicators, overlay indicators (share scales), display charts with semi-log or linear scaling, print charts, save charts as images, save/load charts as binary files, and much more!

Use StockChartX as your essential front-end data analysis tool for developing interactive financial applications. StockChartX is the perfect addition to your financial engineering toolbox.

StockChartX V.5 comes with very comprehensive VB6, VC++, VB.net, C#, Delphi 7, Borland C++ Builder, and Excel example projects, each containing 1,000 to 2,000 lines of highly commented source  code.

.NET Compatibility with the HIGHEST Possible Performance!
StockChartX is designed to work seamlessly with .NET languages as well as older COM compliant languages.
Because StockChartX was written entirely in the C++ language, and DOES NOT use .NET GDI+ wrapper functions, you will find StockChartX to be the FASTEST financial stock charting component around. Up to 100% faster than native .NET charting packages! StockChartX works seamlessly with C#, VB.NET, and all other languages without sacrificing performance or compatibility.

Need a pure C# .NET / WPF financial charting library? Please see StockChartX WPF Edition.

StockChartX is the most reliable, fastest financial chart component anywhere! Unlike other financial chart components, StockChartX works in real time, has NO resource leaks, produces NO access violations, and is 100% commercial open source. In other words, you won't find hidden bugs because the source is open!

Most charting companies fail to deliver when it comes to source code and support for modification.
If you need source code, Modulus provides complete C++ source with support for customizations!
StockChartX compiles in VC++ 6.0, VC++ .NET 2003, VC++ .NET 2005 and 2008 compilers.

Included Example Projects
StockChartX includes over 35 example projects that demonstrate how to perform real-time charting (free Real-Time Data Feed API trial included), how to read data from Microsoft Access Databases, CSV files, MetaStock data files, and other sources, display charts within Microsoft Excel, create custom charts within VB.NET, C#, VB6, VC++, Delphi, and Borland C++, how to create charts using a free scripting language (included) plus much more! Free email support, live chat, and telephone technical support is included.


StockChartX ActiveX Stock Charting Component
Every visual aspect of StockChartX is completely customizable.
Financial charting doesn't get any better than this!

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Supported Examples

Visual Basic 6.0
Visual Basic .NET
Delphi 7.0
Borland C++ Builder
VC++ 6.0
VC++ 2008, 2010
C# (Desktop example and web)
Power Builder
MetaLib MetaStock Library
VB.NET and Access / SQL
Real Time Data Feed API
RMD Server (optional)
FreeMarketData.net (optional)
Plus much more....

Why Use StockChartX?
Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc. is a financial software consulting firm. Years ago we could not find a financial charting component robust enough to meet the requirements of our clients. It seemed as though literally all charting components out there were developed by... well, charting component companies. The reality is that charting component developers seem to know very little if anything about real world trading. The financial charting components produced by these companies are bundled with standard and scientific charting components; those doughnut charts, pie charts, fancy 3D surface charts and reporting charts that you may be familiar with. The majority of charting products out there produce stock charts with very little usability because the financial charting interface was an afterthought. So in 1998 we decided to build our own financial charting component to meet our needs. Now several years later, StockChartX is a very well refined stock charting component that we use every day. Thousands of developers, individual  traders, hedge fund managers and CTAs also use our products on a daily basis.

StockChartX Professional Edition Features

  • StockChartX supports all of the popular stock chart display styles: Candlestick, OHLCV, OHLC, and HLC,Heiken Ashi Candles, Darvas Boxes, 3D Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candlevolume, Equivolume, and Shaded Equivolume. Each of these chart styles can be update in real-time!
  • Real-time automatic technical analysis updating.
  • Support for built in Line Studies like Ellipse, Rectangle, Trend Line, Speed Lines, Gann Fan, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Time Zones, Tirone Levels, Quadrant Lines, Raff Regression, and Error Channels.
  • New Trend Line Penetration events notify your application whenever a series crosses above or below a trend line. Trend lines can automatically extend into the future.
  • StockChartX uses double buffering - this means you will see absolutely NO screen flickering.
  • An unlimited number of series can be displayed in just one chart.
  • Data can be imported into StockChartX from any database, text file format, or real time feed.
  • Full support for Gregorian/Julian date conversions.
  • Windowing system allows users to resize, change positions up or down, maximize, minimize, restore, and close chart windows.
  • Chart windows are fully customizable programmatically. Change height, colors, styles and more from within your code.
  • StockChartX manipulates screen graphics super-fast and efficiently without a 3rd party graphics engine. This financial graph component was written by C++ experts!
  • Zoom-in, Zoom-out, scroll-left, and scroll-right programmatically or via the keyboard or mouse wheel.
  • Supports trend line drawing, objects (buy/sell arrows, text, etc.) and more.
  • Export chart images to file (can be displayed on the web) or send to a printer.
  • Users can save/load charts, restoring data, indicators, colors, drawings, period objects and more. 
  • Complete source code is available in VC++ (compiles in VC++ 6.0 and VC++ .net), enabling you to modify appearances, add new types of indicators, etc. Customize your financial charts the way you need them!

Real Time Charting with Barchart Data Feed API
Includes Real Time Data Feed API with VB.NET and C# Examples!

Technical Analysis

The StockChartX Professional financial chart package is based on our popular technical analysis SDK.
Users can add technical indicators via a dialog as shown below, or you can add custom technical indicators programmatically without user input. You can also use your own algorithms to display indicators with the built-in indicator property dialog.

Technical Analysis Dialog

Built-In Technical Indicators Listing  

Please visit our Customer Support site at http://support.modulusfe.com to find answers to frequently asked questions, review KB articles or ask new questions.


Web Charting Server

An example C# web charting server project is bundled with StockChartX. This C# server exposes StockChartX to PHP, ASP and ASP.NET by means of a COM wrapper to quickly deliver static GIF or PNG chart images in near real-time for web server applications. A typical chart takes only 1/20th of a second from web server request to finish. The C# example project is actually quite small and simple, consisting of only two small classes! Also check out our new interactive FlashStockChart charting component for Adboe Flash!

Web Charts using Stock Chart X

StockChartX can compile in VC++ .NET 2008 64-bit mode to target AMD64 or Itanium processors running Windows 64 bit Server!

Experience up to a 50% performance increase in your server-side charting applications!


For script-driven charting, check out TradeScript!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I insert data into StockChartX? Is it difficult?
A. StockChartX uses a function named AppendValue (series name, date, value). You actually "push" data into StockChartX, so it does not matter where the data is coming from, be it a database, text file, XML file, or real time tick-by-tick data - it all goes into StockChartX the same way, simple, quick, and easy!

Q. What do I have to do to add an indicator to StockChartX?
A. Just call the AddIndicatorSeries (Indicator Type, Key, UserParams) function. If UserParams is TRUE, the indicator dialog box will appear and the user will be allowed to edit the indicator parameters. If UserParams is FALSE, you will be able to set the parameters programmatically in your code.

Q. HELP! I'm not a programmer but I would like to use StockChartX. How can I use it?
A. StockChartX comes with a very nice Microsoft Excel example project. All you have to do is install StockChartX using the StockChartX installation wizard and open the workbook! All the functions are pre-programmed for you in an easy-to-use menu system.

Q. How many panels (stocks, indicators, etc.) can I have open at once and tiled on top of each other?
A. Unlike all other Stock Chart Components out there, you are not limited here. You can have many indicators, symbols, and other series open all on one chart at once. You are only limited by your screen's real estate.

Q. Can I select symbols, text objects, and series with my mouse and move them?
A. Yes, of course! Unlike any other Financial Chart Control, StockChartX allows you to grab any series or object, move it around with your mouse, resize it, drag it to another panel, scroll the  chart using the mouse wheel, resize panels with the mouse, overlay series, and much more. StockChartX is truly "object oriented" from the end-user's perspective.

Q. Can I retrieve technical indicator values from StockChartX like I can with TA-SDK? And without showing the technical indicators on the chart?
A. Yes, you can calculate technical indicators and retrieve the values without ever displaying the indicator in your trading application.

Q. Can I add my own custom series (like my own indicators) to the chart?
A. Yes, StockChartX is designed to allow you to add any type of series to the chart. You can display your series in one of many series styles (bar, line, oscillator, etc.).

Q. Can I change an individual bar's color?
A. Yes!

Q. What is the file size of StockChartX and does it require any run time files?
A. StockChartX is only 400kb and compiled in VC++. StockChartX.ocx is the only file you need to redistribute with your trading application and no run time files are required. 

Q. Does StockChartX work on older operating systems such as Windows 98 and Windows ME?
A. Yes, StockChartX runs on all Windows operating systems that are newer than Windows 3.1, and is designed to take advantage of newer operating system graphic APIs when available.

Q. I have a PHP server, will StockChartX work with my web site as a server side candle chart component?
A. Yes, however since StockChartX is a COM object it requires the Windows version of PHP, which supports COM objects. You can also use StockChartX with either ASP or ASP.NET

Q. My question wasn't answered here, now what?
A. Give us a call! We'd be happy to talk with you: (888) 318-3754. You can also send us an email or use the live help option on the top-right of this page!

Q. Do you offer discounts on product bundles?
A. Yes, we do:

Click here to find out what users have to say about StockChartX and the included indicator package.

StockChartX can also be used to power a web site charting service. Click here for a demonstration.

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Allow one of our experienced financial software engineers to consult with you or your team regarding your project. We'll provide free, professional insight along with a transcript and project diagram by e-mail, at no charge!


  StockChartX Pro Screen Shots


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3D Candlestick Charts

 Point & Figure (P&F) Chart

Gradient Color Chart

Plain Bar Charts

Kagi Chart

Three Line Break Chart

Candle-Volume Chart

Equi-Volume Chart

Technical Indicators Chart

Equi-Volume Chart

Gradient Color Chart




Need interactive web charts?
Our new Microsoft Silverlight web based charting solution offers dynamic charts for cross platform charting applications.



Check out our new FlashStockCharts
charting component for Adobe Flash!



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